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To The Single Mothers

Mother's Day is just a few days away! I am blessed to be celebrating with not only my mother, but with my dearest sisters as well.

This post is dedicated to the single mothers. Learning more about them, appreciating them and celebrating motherhood. Single mothers face more hardship than other parents, moreover when even their basic needs are not met.

Not only a lot of single mothers are unemployed or finding difficulty in getting a job, most are also working multiple jobs just to stay afloat.

Due to that, they have little time to take care of themselves, mentally and emotionally. Depending as well on their home and family environment, those issues as well can have a huge impact in how they progress in life. Falling behind bills, losing track on family finances, difficulty in taking care of the kids whilst working and others.

There is an article we have found that really talks about single parents both men and women in depth.

Recommended reading here . Do share the article to your friends! Instilling empathy creates a kinder world!

If you know a single mother who needs help financially, do visit our beneficiary this year, Women Of Will.

To all mothers out there, we want to thank you for everything you do. We love you. Happy Mother's Day!

disadvantaged single mothers

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