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How to help out a single mother

single mothers

You may not be able to commit financially to an organisation that helps out single mothers but you can always reach out to one and lend a helping hand.

Maybe you know of a single mother who seems to have it altogether or maybe you know of someone who is financially or emotionally struggling. Whatever situation or environment they are in, everything they do is twice as hard, twice the work and stress and they still managed to be courageous and wonderful despite the chaos.

You might feel awkward not knowing what you are able to offer or maybe you do not want to come off as such a saint.But...underneath it all, everything is very overwhelming for them, and they will truly be grateful that someone like you came along, even if it was a just for that moment.

So, here are some tips that hopefully you will apply next time you encounter someone who is a single mother (in your neighbourhood, your friend, your aunt, whoever it is) :

1. Grocery shopping - We do not mean every day or week, but maybe offer to buy her groceries for the day, send it to her door.

2. Handyman - With everything she's handling, she might not have time or money to get certain things in the house fix.

3. Conversation - It can get pretty lonely for them, start a conversation. Initiate each time you see each other. Invite her for lunch or simply check in with her from time to time on how she is doing.

4. Babysitting - As a single mother, she may be working more than one job or could not afford care, step in and help out when you can

5. Hand me downs - Be mindful on this tip! Do gently ask her is she is interested on some of your clothes/shoes you have put aside at home

6. Giftcards/voucher - If you have some petrol/clothes/supermarket vouchers or deals you know you will not be using, gift them to her. Every lil bit helps!

7. Get her a job - If you know or approached by her needing a job, do try your best to find her one. If you have friends or connections that can help her secure a part time/intern etc.

These are just a few tips to help you get started. Every single mother is different, so do help out in anyway you can with whatever she needs. This post however, in no way underestimating the strength of a single mother but simple to encourage empathy and to spread kindness as a community.

If you have any other tips, do share it with us so we can include them as well.

Much love!

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