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Caspian's Nut, Gluten, Egg and Soy Free Birthday cake

Whenever I hear a customer requesting for soy-free, I have knots in my stomach I do. The reason why soy-free is difficult is that soy is usually the emulsifier used in ingredients or is what mostly non-dairy creams are made out of.

Plus, if it is in conjunction with nut-free, then boy it will take a few days of scratching my head. Audi's son is allergic to gluten, egg, nut and soy. She loves the combination of our strawberry banana cake but we had to figure out a way to change the frosting.

The difficult thing about frosting is that you need to figure out the requirements:

  1. Frosting that can withstand the heat and humidity that is our weather. At least a couple of hours before it starts sweating and melting off.

  2. Soy and nut-free frosting

  3. Able to be tinted in purple, so that crosses off the chocolate frosting. It can't be too yellow that the purple from the blueberries won't be peeking through.

  4. Need to used unrefined sugar of course

In the end, we found a way to make a frosting using vegan butter, coconut nectar, and coconut milk. Not the sweetest frosting, but it balances off with the cake and strawberry jam in between!

Here is what Audi had to say about us:

" I have the most longest detailed and very custom cake ever. Baked KL able to provide me gluten free, egg free, nut fee, and soy free cake that made with finest ingredient and not contain any refine sugar (in my case they use coconut nectar). It blows my mind that my baby loves it so much! "

If you would like to discuss and see if we can work out a cake for you, feel free to reach out at hello@bakedkl.com

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