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Diabetic friendly Vegan Carrot Cake

Prem, one of our regular customers came to us seeking a diabetic-friendly cake for her 72-year-old aunt. From our experience, our customers who are diabetic have different preferences on what they can or cannot take in terms of forms of sugar. My mom who is a diabetic still consumes sugar (processed), but in moderation.

Of course, the most preferred choice is Lakanto. Lakanto is a Monkfruit sweetener that is a zero-calorie, zero-glycemic, and all-natural sugar substitute. We used to use Stevia, which yes, with certain flavors, you can taste a bit of an aftertaste but hey it was widely available.

Though, now, Lakanto is somewhat easily available online and in your mid-high end supermarket. It is also the preferred choice of sugar in keto baking.

Prem wanted something really healthy for her, so I recommended the vegan carrot smash cake. First of all, it is made baby-friendly. So anything that is good for the baby, it is obviously good for the adults. The cake is made from tofu and a whole lot of carrots, with toasted coconut layers with a coconut whipped cream. There is no sugar added in the whipped cream, so the only sugar substitute needed is in the cake.

The cake is super light and fresh in terms of taste. An easy one to go in for seconds just because it won't weigh you down.

A day after the delivery, as always we reached out to Prem for feedback on his aunt's special cake.

" Cake was nice. We cut it already and eaten too "

If you would like to get your own special cake to cater to your allergy or dietary needs, feel free to reach us out at hello@bakedkl.com and we shall see what we can do!

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