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F&B businesses impacted hard by COVID19 or just the opposite?

Well, hello there. How are you? How have you been? How is MCO treating you and your family at home? I honestly hope you are safe. We may not able to see it and some may downplay it but the fact is, it is life and death especially to those who are more immune to it. I really hope everyone is alright.

So how have we been impacted by COVID19? For a start, we were bogged down by the fear of not being able to pay the bakers and not having money coming in. Right after the announcement, we had emails already coming in asking for refunds. *cries.

The morning after, our partners, other platforms reached out to one another asking if all of us are operating and gratefully everyone decided to continue to operate. Most importantly, the delivery service platforms were running as per usual.

But the question is, now that we heard people getting laid off, forced to take annual leaves, will people spend on desserts? So straight away, we had to find more visibility online, reached out to different avenues, stretched ourselves as much as we can. For all we know, we might be in this for a long haul.

I started to plan out other forms of revenue we can do, if this were to prolong further and if we will not survive this modus operandi. It is working in progress and I hope it will work out. You may be thinking, are you really affected by this? People are ordering food more than ever! There are now tons of food delivery platforms.

True but we are also affected in other areas. Like supplies and time. Supplies are now limited. For example, for an ingredient that you can source from 3-4 suppliers, you are now able to get from 1 supplier only. For supplies to reach you within a week, it now arrives in a few months' time. Delivery fees from suppliers are also now hiked up, which affects your costing. More food delivery services also mean it is now harder to secure runners, which affects your on-time delivery to your customers, which affects their experience with you. Certain clients are also holding off payments until MCO is lifted which affects cash flows.

I realized a lot of people are also demanding free delivery from what I can see online but to be frank, delivery services charges are a lot. If you have used delivery services yourself, trust me, we pay the same amount. The only way the rates are lower is if you have a continuous huge amount of volume every day to get lower rates. Businesses have to absorb these costs or partially on an everyday basis, what more at this difficult time where businesses just want to sustain. That being said, the delivery charges are priced at a certain amount to also maintain the livelihood of the runners.

As both consumers and a business owner, I understand, it is just how it goes in the supply chain and I feel so much for other people who may have it worse than we do. It is what it is and I am just here writing down my thoughts. If you have made it this far, THANK YOU for reading.

I don't even know what this blog post has become, this writing session may sound like a therapy session for myself? (hahaha)

Sorry love. I want to end this probably not useful blogpost by saying that I am super grateful for having such understanding and hardworking team, for having runners that are willing to do this during this pandemic, for our clients and partners who are still operating and for YOU who are still supporting us, helping us to sustain. Please let us know if you have any suggestions that can add value to YOU.

You have no idea how much this means to this business and to me personally.

A bit of a PSA. During this time, if you are a consumer, buying from us or from whoever, please be extra nice and continue to be extra nice to the runners even after the pandemic and forever. (I'm getting emosh right now) But I remembered these two incidents I encountered:

1. One of my runners several years ago that always claim the delivery jobs, died in an accident. He was hit by a lorry during one of his jobs.

2. While I was driving in the car, I saw a food delivery runner who was delivering food and had his toddler with him, wrapped (safely) to him. And the whole time I was just thinking that no one was able to take care of the toddler but he has to go out to earn a living. That image has since stuck with me.

Oh my god. What am I writing? I better stop now. Bye, Love you, thank you for supporting us. end.

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