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How to bring cheer to your Raya At Home celebration

MCO has been extended for another 2 weeks. To be honest, I am not surprised if we will be celebrating Raya at home. After all, we do not want to start gatherings and have another round of Covid19 do we?

So what can you do to bring some Raya feel to your home? Here are some things that I will be doing:

1. Start cleaning!

Yup, and I mean not just your everyday cleaning but arranging furniture or swapping your cushion covers with some other pairs or new ones you may have does the trick!

2. Re-discover old Raya clothes

Online shopping is still with us folks! But a lot of people are laid off, getting pay cuts so priorities may have been shifted. So let me suggest something I hope most people are able to do. Rummage back your old Raya clothes and bring them back to life. Mix and match, tops and skirts and feel brand new again. If you have the skill and time, sew something on it to make it a bit different.

For me personally, we are going with the theme Peaches and Oranges. Yes, we planned prior to MCO. Thankfully, I have this orange dress several years ago and will be wearing it for our first day of Raya.

3. Cooking up a storm

Even if you are living all by yourself, cooking some of your Raya favourites will boost your mood! Ask your mom for that rendang recipe that you love, try it out or make it your own. Even with MCO, you deserve to celebrate Raya!

If you are not into cooking, try baking Raya cookies instead! Tons of youtube tutorials out there for you to try. And if that fails, well, we have 9 Raya cookies for you to munch on.

Inspired by the luscious garden at my mom's and the sweet colours of pastel jewels comes our Raya 2020. 4 NEW flavours including some classics and vegan options

You can purchase 4 jars at a bundle price of RM150, or have them in a gift set! All Raya purchases come with money packet too!

Order here or if you would like to have it shipped to your loved ones outside of Klang Valley, you can do so here.

4. Sending some love notes

I am not sure if this is everyone but sending some love notes asking for forgiveness is one of those things I just need to do before Raya comes. Whether it is sending a postcard, a call or just a Whatsapp message. Seeking forgiveness, reconnecting with old friends and families is a routine for me, that I won't miss out!

5. Last but not least, make a date!

A date with who? Well with your loved ones of course. You may be apart but that is what conference video calls are for!

Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Hangout? Whatever floats your boat. Set a day and time for everyone to come together and hang out online. Show off your Raya dress, that rendang you made and that delicious Raya cookie jars you have. *wink

Maybe, just maybe asking your older siblings to online transfer that duit raya?

Let's, of course, be hopeful that by Raya, we are able to see our friends and families again but if not, I hope these tips will help to brighten the mood!

Do you have any tips for me?

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