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Is Life Coaching For Me?

It has been a year and a half going through life in a pandemic. Although mental health was talked about here and there, it has not been talked about this much, especially in the digital age.

Since we are in lockdown, here are some mental health resources that you or someone you may know might find helpful.

Mental health assistance in malaysia

Mental health directory in malaysia

There are also alternative ways for you to seek help like through coaching from mental health professionals via Thoughtfull Chat App.

Thoughtfull Chat App is built to bring mental health access to all so that every individual can be their whole selves and they believe that we should be just as proactive in engaging with our mental health every day just like we would with physical health.

The app gives you access to daily bite-sized coaching with certified mental health professionals. You have a 2-week free trial before you commit to their subscription plans. So please make use of this !!

I am a subscriber of the app after going through their 2-week free trial. After they assess me, they recommended me, 3 professionals, for me to choose from. From there, let your heart do the talking and connect 💕

There are guided packs for you to learn from, you can log in your mood, journal and even assess your emotional health from time to time

Their new feature update is video calls which is great!

My advice to you is to be an open book. Don’t wait for your professional to break the ice. To me, if you share your struggles from A-Z right off the bat, he or she will follow up with the right questions right away to best guide you on ways to tackle your struggles.

You can also use our code BAKEDKL10 to get 10% off on your subscriptions. We don’t get anything from this code, Thoughtfull Chat just wants to share it with our followers!

For me personally, in this pandemic, it really takes a lot of strength to get up and have a face to face call with your counsellor or therapist for an hour. Sometimes, you just want to let out at your own time and convenience and not on the spot.

Having a daily support system is great, knowing someone can guide and reassure me when I am too anxious and overwhelmed.

It is definitely a great alternative for me plus affordable than going to a face to face sessions.

Do give it a try and see if it is your thing. Sometimes with therapy and coaching, you do need to try a few times before it sticks. See which resonates with you and that will give you the outcome that you would hope.

We wish you all the best in your healing journey, stay safe and well!

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