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Our Trip To The Benns Ethicoa Bean To Bar Chocolate Factory

Benns Ethicoa was a trip I have been waiting for so long since they launched. Chef Raw Yin announced in a facebook group I was in, regarding their launch and how they were giving out free tours that month.

We were busy that month and booked the tour after Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, COVID arrived. Months went by, BakedKL was approached by Collins Kitchen Lab for a workshop coming this November in collaboration with Benns Ethicoa. Instead of waiting for their chocolates to arrive, I thought it would be that time to visit their factory.

Took my team one fine day to their place. Everyone was excited. This for me, was my first experience in a chocolate factory, so I could not wait. Here are some pictures of the tour.

We get to see the process from bean to bar (hence the name) and samples throughout the production line.

It was really interesting and the smell!! It was as if the whole factory was made from chocolate!

At the end of the line, we passed through the door to their cafe and shop. They had a lot of products from cacao nibs, chocolate bars to cacao tea. Just to let you know their beans are sourced from all over Asia, they work closely with 5 farmers and pay them 3x more than the average industry.

We had a few of their desserts and drank their chocolate drink. So good, their chocolate drink was so creamy, so thick. Yumms! I highly recommend you to check their factory out. Maybe when the COVID case numbers are down again.

Fret not though, we will have two product launches using their Sungai Ruan chocolate that are vegan and gluten free this 13th October, so do check them out here !

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