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Sharing My Mental Health Bingo Break

Many times, when things get overwhelmed and you can feel yourself feeling anxious, distractions can help before it can escalate (if you know, you know) further, even worse a panic or anxiety attack.

When I did not know what was wrong with me, the escalation period was in a snap, it can quickly get to an attack for me because I was not able to know what to do with my negative emotions and thoughts.

This bingo break is not a solution, it's a habit.

This bingo break is not a short-term success, it's a long-term relationship.

This bingo break may not be for you, but it can help to determine what may not be a useful tool for you.

It is not easy. It is hard to shake off all the emotions and the thoughts running through your head at a dangerous speed, but here are my distractions to help me be in a better state and control my thoughts and emotions. I will just explain a few points.

1. Sit outside in a crowdless space

Just like when you are a child, your environment can sometimes overstimulate you especially when you are not able to communicate your feelings to the adults. Similar to this, when you are overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions, a noisy, bright environment can make it worse.

Sit outside in a spacious crowdless space, quiet, preferably where there are tons of greenery. Take 10, 15 minutes or however long you need to just pause, breathe, and gather yourself altogether.

2. Talk to yourself/roleplay

It may seem weird, I hated doing it during my therapy sessions. But only because, I had to do it in front of my therapist. But doing it when you are alone can be self-relieving. I usually do this when I have overwhelming feelings of hurt or anger. Once I am done letting out my feelings (to myself or the imaginary person sitting in front of me), I feel so much better and able to communicate with the other person (if I wish to) and be more rational about whatever the situation may be.

3. Grounding techniques

If you google grounding techniques, there are plenty of ways to do it. What I find helpful is breathing (and a lot of it). Not so much of naming 5 things you see, hear, taste etc. These grounding techniques, you can do in combination with any of the other distractions on the list or on its own. Grounding techniques may come naturally when you need them if you practice them enough.

Feel free to save the photo on your phone to refer to it, or make your own!

I hope that this has been helpful for you and if you already have a distraction tool that you use, do share it with us!

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