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Vegan Spinach Cake

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Awhile back, we had the pleasure of making a cake for our customer's friend who was vegan. She not only requested a vegan cake, but she also wanted a vegetable cake and have it be green!

All I could think of that would work well was spinach but I knew I did not want to just dump the spinach and fold it into a cake. The only way to make it bright green was to actually juice the spinach first.

The green was so lovely, more like a forest green colour. Between the layers, we paired it with homemade strawberry jam, frost it with whipped cream with a hint of green. Then topped it all off with more strawberries and mint leaves.

This is definitely the one for the acquired taste. It is still sweet but with an earthy taste to it. Definitely enjoyed making this one and hope to see more unique request from our customers again in the future.

For customize cakes, please email 1-2 weeks in advance to hello@bakedkl.com !

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