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What's new for Raya Cookies 2021?

Time flies so fast. By the time it's Raya, it's half a year gone. To tell you the truth, it's honestly scary but at least I have my very own Raya cookies to keep me company, to lend me some comfort in this fast-paced life, and make the perfect conversation starter during the Raya month.

Inspired by my husband and his love for batik, we took his favourite colours and brought them to life. 2 classic flavours, 2 seasonal flavours and 3 NEW flavours including eggless and vegan cookies.

Batik Raya Eid Cookie Gift Box Set Hamper

1. Our classic flavour, White Cranberry cookies

Crumbly delicious cranberry cookies with creamy white chocolate loaded up with oats and more! Recommended for non-chocolate lovers!

white cranberry cookies with white chocolate and oats with almonds

2. Triple Choc Chocolate Chip Cookies

How can we not have my mom's own cookie recipe at home? Such a sin to exclude it. A combination of cocoa powder, dark chocolate and loaded with imported dark chocolate chips! A Must-Have!

dark chocolate chip cookies

3. Choc Cornflakes Cookies

We brought back our CNY seasonal flavour because this flavour was the most well-received. It is a twist on our triple choc cookies. A load of cornflakes make these a nice combo of crunch and slightly chewy cookies. We love this too.

raya dark chocolate chip cookies with cornflakes

4. Pineapple Bomb Cookies / Vegan Pineapple Bomb Cookies

Another seasonal cookie that we bring out every Raya, but this time we updated the look to it. Delicious pineapple jam wrapped in a blanket of buttery, fragrant and delicious shortbread cookies and this is also available in a vegan version. I personally love pineapple tart/jam cookies. and our very own honestly in one of my favourites!

vegan eggless dairy free pineapple jam filled cookies

raya buttery pineapple jam filled cookies tart

5. Eggless Honey Tahini (gluten-free)

New kid on the block!! Our first ever savoury cookie! Crispy and chewy cookies made from honey and creamy tahini. Beautiful texture thanks to almond flour before coating it with toasted sesame seed. A perfectly balanced of sweet and savoury in these eggless honey tahini cookies. Gluten-free too. This is the one for the " this cookie is too sweet for me" person.

raya gluten-free eggless egg free honey tahini cookies coated in sesame seeds

6. Vegan Choc Chip Cookie

New kid on the block too! Chewy, cakey and slightly crispy vegan cookies. Delicious batter with 80% dark chocolate chip morsels. Get it for the kids, a nice balance of sweet and bitter, plus no nuts, dairy, egg or refined sugar? What's not to love?

vegan eggless egg free dairy free chocolate chip cookies

And there you go, our list of cookies up for grabs and to entice everyone's tastebuds the whole month of Raya! To those who love to give gifts instead, we have those too. View and browse our Raya 2021 and book with early bird prices here today!

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