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Why Mental Health?

Mental health is becoming more of a priority in the world we live in today and it should be. More so than ever. With social media, living expenses at a high, the need to work overtime without getting paid, expectations from society and more.

But the push for me to donate a portion of our profits to mental health cause, specifically Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA), is because I suffered from prenatal depression in 2018 (which I will film in a IGTV talking about my experience in greater detail) and after that experience, I realise how dark our minds can go and how difficult it is to get out of it without people you love or support or life tools.

There are many types of mental health issue, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD and more. But even anxiety and depression, which are getting more common and talked about in the society is important to get taken care of.

Many push it aside and accepted it as a part of who they are, but if we don't take care of it or learn how to control it, it will soon control us and robbed us away from things we enjoy in life.

MMHA has many wonderful services such as counselling, rehabilitation programmes, education programmes and even D'Light home service, which is residential facility to benefit those who stay far away from MMHA or have transport problem to attend their rehabilitation programme.

MMHA also teaches ways to cope with stress and development of social skills and support. The focus is to empower their clients so that they can take control of their lives and set meaningful goals so that they can recover and return to their communities.

If you wish to contribute, volunteer in any way in regards to mental health, please reach out to MMHA . If you would like to contribute and have a treat as well, shop our range of desserts here .

Last but not least, please share any of our mental health content on your social sites to spread the awareness. It is greatly appreciated.


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