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Selfie Snack Cakes

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We have added an acrylic mirror on our snack cakes perfect for 1-2 pax to indulge. Take a selfie with our cakes!

Perfect to end a meal with something sweet and light. Our snack cakes are a simpler version of our cakes. 

Great for gifting too! 2 layers of 3.8" cakes with layers of cream and frosted with rope design border and edible pink blush mix flowers.

Comes in a snack cake box with label and wooden spoon.

Orange gula melaka - orange cake with gula melaka cream and cookie crumbs

Banana strawberry - banana cake with strawberry cream

Dark chocolate - cocoa cake with cocoa cream

Vanilla choc chip - vanilla choc chip cake with vanilla cream

NOTE: Please note that mirror will automatically fog when chilled, defrost roughly 30 minutes or until it defogs for your snap! 


ORANGE GULA MELAKA: Soy cream, soy milk, flour*, coconut sugar, coconut oil, gula melaka syrup, orange, vinegar, edible flowers, raising agent, colouring*, salt

BANANA STRAWBERRY: Soy cream, banana, flour*, coconut oil, coconut sugar, strawberry powder, edible flowers, raising agent, vanilla, colouring*, salt

DARK CHOCOLATE: Water, soy cream, coconut sugar, flour*, cocoa powder, coconut oil, edible flowers, raising agent, vanilla, colouring*, salt

VANILLA CHOC CHIP: Soy cream, soy milk, flour*, coconut sugar, dark choc, coconut oil, vinegar, edible flowers, raising agent, colouring*, salt

*Gluten-free option flour: 

Sweet white rice flour, whole grain brown rice flour, potato starch, whole grain sorghum flour, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum.

*Artificial colouring

Kitchen Space

We make desserts including vegan and gluten-free options. All Gluten-Free or Vegan baked goods are baked in our home kitchen space which contains nuts, dairy, flour, and other products that may contain gluten. Our kitchen space is not Gluten-Free Certified, however, we do our best in preventing cross-contamination. Our gluten-free baked goods are suitable for those with gluten sensitivity, but not recommended for those with celiac disease or other serious cases.

There may be slight differences in the outcome of our baked goods depending on the availability of the preferred unrefined sugar. We may use other unrefined sugar as a substitute.

Due to pandemics affecting the imports, please note that they may be changes in ingredients from time to time, which also may impact taste, texture, visuals slightly.

Purchasing our baked goods will mean that you have understood this correctly.