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Cool Design Ideas For A More Functional Kitchen

June 27, 2019

It’s the homestretch friends! My last post for BakedKL and I thought I’ll end it on a fun note! ! I’ve talked about layouts and storage space, now to add a little spice to your kitchen. We all know how important functionality is in a kitchen; there are also fun quirky ideas that put the ‘fun’ in functional. Here are some of my favourite ones.


1. Tiling your island


Picture via Pinterest


We all love an island in the kitchen and most islands also have bar stools that acts as extra seating. Over time when you knock or graze the surface of the island there might be stains that may not look so appealing. By tiling the surface that is prone to be in contact with your feet, the likelihood of damaging the overall look is minimized greatly. Tiles are easy to clean and are very durable so by applying this trick, it’s one less mess to think about.




2. Hole on kitchen counter for trash