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Joleyn and Oliver: Raising a child with food intolerances

August 2, 2019

Joleyn is one of our loyal customers that orders birthday cakes for her son every year. Now that I am a mom, with a child that also suffers from eczema, interviewing Joleyn about raising her son with food intolerances really is helping and guiding me in the days moving forward. And to those who are reading this and sharing the same challenges, I hope that this puts you at ease and help you as well. 



1. How did you find out that your son, Oliver had an intolerance to egg and nuts? What sort of reactions does he get from consuming them?


When he was born, he had very bad rashes on his cheeks, behind his knees and even on his scalp. I was breastfeeding and I felt really bad cos I thought I was at fault. Thoughts that crossed my mind; Maybe my milk isn't all that good. Maybe he is allergic to my breast milk. Maybe I did something wrong.