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Prioritising Your Clothes During Covid-19 Movement Restriction Order

March 19, 2020

During this down time or COVID-19 movement restriction phase, I think it is a good time for us to not only be able to work and enjoy the company of our loved ones at home, but to also do some decluttering, specifically, prioritising your clothes!


Yup, prioritising your clothes, not organising them. What does it really mean? Well, if you stay in room where all you do is organise but the same mess happens again and again, aren’t you tired of living in the messy space and cleaning up the same mess everyday?


Prioritising your clothes means that you can take the time to prioritise the items you have and its functionality in your life so that it makes it easier for you to take out the items that is not! In the end, clutter free wardrobe, clutter free mind. Simple lifestyle. 


Here are my tips on how you can prioritise your wardrobe!




1. Sort out your clothes by category. This way you can see how many pieces you have per category right away.





Plain t-shirts





You know the drill


2. For each category, put aside the ones you wear “the most” and the ones that are “not well loved”.


3. Figure out how many from the pile of clothes you wear the most you are willing to let go and willing to keep. If you find that you have 1-2 favourite tees amongst the pile of 5 for example. Those are your priority pieces. Now move the remaining 3 to the “not well loved” pile


4. Now look through your “not well loved” pile. Figure out the reason why you don’t wear it often. Is it because the length is too long? Is it too loose? If the reasons can be fix, like just bringing them to a tailor, then keep it in a “ fix it” pile. Mending the clothes and altering clothes to fit you better helps you to love the clothes you already have.