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With a family of intolerances and seeing how they were not able to indulge in treats, us sisters started to embark on an experimental baking journey in providing our loved ones and our customers treats they were able to have!

We love the rustic charm of homemade baked goods and we believe that everyone deserves to have a treat.


From sinful buttery treats, to gluten-free, or plant based, we do our very best in making sure you are not missing out on desserts!​

Our mission is to plant and encourage empathy as we believe it is an important tool to understand issues happening in our community for social change.

As much as we should care about what we eat, how we exercise, we also believe in taking care of your mental health!

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The cake and customer service was top notch! If you are looking for a healthy treat, you can't go wrong selecting from their array of treats that caters for every need. Would definitely order again!

Ordered the lakanto chocolate cake for my wife who had gestational diabetes. The cake was really delicious and my wife loved it! In fact, our whole family did and were surprised that there was no sugar in it (No spikes after that when we tested my wife's blood sugar too)

Was kinda skeptical as it was my first time trying a vegan cake. But to my surprise, the cake was delicious, texture was good not too dry, the sweetness was well balanced

We do our best and hope people will love it too