5th Year Baking A Vegan Cake for My Daughter

5th Year Baking A Vegan Cake for My Daughter

As you all know (or may not know), every birthday, I would bake H's birthday cake, at least for family celebrations.

You can try and scroll our previous blogposts to check out previous cakes. Now we are on her 5th year, I have to be honest I was pretty stumped. How many types of vegan chocolate cakes can one do?

I am on a tight budget this year personally, so we did not throw a big family and friends party. Instead, I just planned her birthday lunch with family at a friends cafe, Duwa @ Taman Melati.

A couple months beforehand (yes a couple months before), she mentioned she wanted a Princess Aurora cake. Never have she watched any princess movies, so I do wonder the obsession over having a Princess Aurora cake despite watching a lot of Peppa Pig content instead.

Perhaps, she recalled me telling her I was a fan of Princess Aurora. This year, YOU voted me to bake a chocolate raspberry cake.


A vegan chocolate cake with vegan white chocolate raspberry mousse with a whole layers of fresh raspberry crumbles. I coated with vegan dark choc ganache and frost it with no added sugar whipped cream.

In terms of visual, I did not want to go overboard since its just for family. We picked out colour from the movies like reddish pink, pink, white, blue and aqua blue. Our piping were inspired by the wavy hair of Princess Aurora, the roses and just the princess look that vintage piping gives.

I topped off with a little bit of sprinkles on top, finish it off with pastel pencil candles and a topper!

The size was a 9" 2 layer cake which was way sufficient for a group of 15 pax but, it would not give the same visual impact if I were to do it any smaller. Plus, I thought it would be neat for the extras to be packed in takeaway boxes for the rest of the cafe patrons. Great for me, also great that I do not need to take back such a big box of leftovers since I was heading to a staycation right away after the birthday lunch.


Between you and me, I actually hate anything that ends with -ry. Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Haha but to my surprise, I actually loved that the sourness and sweetness of the raspberry was such a nice contrast to the rich cocoa taste of the cake. 

And little (or no longer little) H was super excited handing out slices of cakes to the rest of the patrons. 

The celebration went well, the cake went well and I already have a task ahead of me next year. H has mentioned Chocolate Marshmallow. Now to make it vegan!