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  • Vegan Essentials: Your everyday vegan staples for an easy day

    Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just grab whatever is available in the fridge or the table. Last year, I made the decision to take time to learn how to make healthier snacks and bread. That I can myself have or even use them to prepare a meal for my little family. And yes, it is now a staple in my life and I am so excited to have these with you, to ease your day to day.
  • Baking Vegan Cake For My Daughter

    A couple months beforehand (yes a couple months before), she mentioned she wanted a Princess Aurora cake. Never have she watched any princess movies, so I do wonder the obsession over having a Princess Aurora cake despite watching a lot of Peppa Pig content instead. Perhaps, she recalled me telling her I was a fan of Princess Aurora.
  • What is BakedKL Sidewalk?

    When my sister and I started BakedKL, we always dreamed of having our own little nook for our treats. In 2013, we went around looking for suppliers, checking grants and loans, and doing all the necessary forecasting.
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Customization limited due to no added sugar-free creams, but we offer allergy-based adjustments. Let's discuss options for your needs!