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  • Vegan Essentials: Your everyday vegan staples for an easy day

    Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just grab whatever is available in the fridge or the table. Last year, I made the decision to take time to learn how to make healthier snacks and bread. That I can myself have or even use them to prepare a meal for my little family. And yes, it is now a staple in my life and I am so excited to have these with you, to ease your day to day.
  • Baking Vegan Cake For My Daughter

    A couple months beforehand (yes a couple months before), she mentioned she wanted a Princess Aurora cake. Never have she watched any princess movies, so I do wonder the obsession over having a Princess Aurora cake despite watching a lot of Peppa Pig content instead. Perhaps, she recalled me telling her I was a fan of Princess Aurora.
  • Chinese New Year 2024 Festive Cookie Collection

    Our cookies are now a very special collection, that only comes out few times a year during festive season. We always have our bestsellers, our festive OG cookies and some new ones too.
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Customization limited due to no added sugar-free creams, but we offer allergy-based adjustments. Let's discuss options for your needs!