Promotions Terms and Condition

General Terms and Conditions

1. All discount codes are applicable only through

2. All promotions are one time usage per user unless stated otherwise and except for Pick up Promo

3. All promotions cannot be used on top of other promotions

4. All promotions cannot be exchanged with cash or cash equivalent

5. All promotions cannot be used passed expiration date

6. All promotions terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice

Pick Up Terms and Conditions

1. 10% pick up promo are applicable only through

2. Pick up promo is unlimited usage per user, cannot be used on top of other promotions

3. Only applicable when selecting Pick up option during check out

4. When selecting pick up option, you can self pick up or arrange your own delivery based on your preferred delivery services from our place.

5. Please kindly update our customer service with your runner details. It will also be your own responsibility to brief and furnish your runner with your order number and details 

6. Please arrange or come at time slot selected. Kindly update customer service if earlier/slightly later but do be respectful of our opening or closing times

7. Please note if own delivery is arranged, we will not be responsible in monitoring the delivery or the condition it arrives. Once it is picked up, the order is complete. Please arrange CAR for CAKES/PIES/BLUK ORDER