Chinese New Year 2024 Festive Cookie Collection

Chinese New Year 2024 Festive Cookie Collection

Our cookies are now a very special collection, that only comes out few times a year during festive season.

We always have our bestsellers, our festive OG cookies and some new ones too.

Here is the rundown of our Chinese New Year 2024 Festive Cookie Collection:

NEW! Chinese New Year Eggless Coffee Caramel Shortbread Cookies

An eggless shortbread that is infused with coffee and salted caramel, topped off with dark choc. A lil bit of bitter, sweet, salty for that richness, lightness and flavour.


Chinese New Year Eggless Strawberry Shortbread Cookies

One of bestsellers! Our favourite recipe of butter shortbread that is eggless. Thumbprint cookie style with strawberry jam in the middle. This one is truly addictive.


Chinese New Year Eggless Pineapple Bomb Cookies

I know the typical love for pineapple tarts is the amount of huge pineapple jam on them. But to be honest, I am not too much of a fan of those. I hate the fact that you get a huge sweet chunk of jam with fragile pastry that gets stuck around your mouth as you bite into them.

Instead, we use our favourite eggless butter shortbread that has a sturdier crust with just the right amount of jam that won't get you sick of it fast but enough to be more-ish.

Can be opted for gluten-free.


Chinese New Year Flourless Eggless Honey Tahini Cookies

The least sweet cookie we have in our collection as its only sweeten with raw honey. Slight crispy, slightly chewy. It is our tahini cookies made with raw honey and almond flour, rolled in toasted sesame seeds. Gluten-free.


Chinese New Year Vegan Golden Peanut Cookies

Made from pure peanut oil, these mini bites of peanut are addictive. With home-roasted peanuts, lil bit of salt and sweetness from brown sugar, this will be having you dangerously finithing the bites in one sitting.


Chinese New Year Vegan Cinnamon Biscoff Cookies

One of the best things in life that is vegan is biscoff spread! Using a spiced vegan shortbread, a thumbprint style cookie that is topped off with biscoff spread. Finished off with toasted almond nibs. Our personal favourite.


Chinese New Year Vegan Pineapple Bomb Cookies

A vegan shortbread cookie that is sturdy enough and flavourful. Makes a delightful combination with the sweet pineapple jam that is not too much. Just the right amount to have you back for more. Thanks to the coconut sugar, vanilla and vegan butter, the pastry comes off as less sweet than atypical. 

Can be opted for gluten-free.


Chinese New Year Triple Choc Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my mom's chocolate chip recipe and we have not changed it not a bit! From the measurements to the ingredients. It would be a dishonor to change it. Using melted dark choc, cocoa powder and imported dark choc, taste the rich chocolatey flavour in our Triple Choc Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Can be opted for gluten-free.


We hope that you will find something that is suitable for your loved ones or that you would want to try yourself!

If you want to see more photos, feel free to check out here!

We are having a 10% discount for minimum of 2 jars and above until 26th January 2024.

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