Delicious and Healthy Sugar-Free Cakes: Indulge Without Guilt

Delicious and Healthy Sugar-Free Cakes: Indulge Without Guilt

In a world filled with tempting desserts and sugary treats, finding a balance between indulgence and health can be a challenge. At BakedKL, we understand the importance of satisfying your sweet tooth while considering dietary needs. Our journey began with a personal story, a tale of love, family, and a passion for baking.

A Sweet Legacy and a New Beginning


It all started with my mom, a talented baker who filled our home with freshly baked goodies. From her famous Hawaiian cake to the classic Triple Choc Chocolate Chip Cookies, she surely had a knack for creating delicious homebaked goods for our household. 

Those childhood memories are etched in my mind, especially the joyous moments of sitting together on the floor, sneaking spoonfuls of leftover batter onto the cookie tray. Particularly, during Raya.

But life took an unexpected turn when my mom was diagnosed with diabetes. Suddenly, the sweet treats she had lovingly baked for us became off-limits. It was a difficult adjustment for her, as she had always had a sweet tooth. Despite that, she still baked the same delicious treats for us every year. Whenever all of us siblings requested them, she would bake them without hesitation. However, it still pained us to see her baking those treats without being able to enjoy any of them.

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Crafting Sugar-Free Cakes

Refusing to let diabetes dampen her spirit, we delved into the world of sugar-free baking. We embarked on a journey to create desserts that would be safe for her to enjoy and also cater to others with dietary restrictions. This marked the birth of BakedKL Sugar-Free Vegan range, offering sugar-free cakes.

Sugar-free and vegan cake range are hard to do, so many ingredients that is hard to substitute and ingredients that are off limits and trying to keep it accessibly priced. Some fruits are not even recommended to be eaten as it can cause a sugar spike! But we manage to use alternative sweeteners like Lakanto that would not compromise on taste. These sugar-free cakes are as indulgent as it can be to their traditional counterparts, without the negative impact on blood sugar levels, thankfully.

The journey to finding the right combination of ingredients was sure filled with ups and downs and we believe that we can still continue to find the perfect balance of flavors and textures, ensuring the most healthy indulgence possible.

We had to learn about different types of sweeteners and their effects on baked goods. In addition, we experimented with alternative flours just to see their effect on sugar-free vegan cakes too.

At BakedKL, we believe that everyone deserves to celebrate special moments with delicious desserts. Whether you are managing diabetes, following a low-carb lifestyle, or simply seeking healthier options, we hope our cakes will bring joy to your celebrations.

Through the journey of my mom's diagnosis and her passion for baking, we have created a range of sugar-free cakes that allow individuals with dietary restrictions to indulge. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the absence of sugar or other ingredients; we also prioritize using wholesome ingredients and catering to various dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, and baby-friendly options.

If you would like to give us a try, explore our collection of sugar-free cakes today and embark on a delightful journey of flavors, health, and happiness. Order now and experience the magic of BakedKL's allergy-friendly desserts:

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