Ezcema in Children: Part 1

Ezcema in Children: Part 1

Ezcema in children is common. Even more these days.

My daughter first had her first ezcema flare when she was in between 6 months to a year old.

I fed her an egg one time and it just came up. We went to the doctor and he prescribed us steroid cream and it went away. I knew of ezcema as my niece had a terrible one. I remember she was always wrapped not only to sooth her ezcema on her arms but to also avoid her from scratching her face, to decrease the risk of bleeding and more infection.

However, I was still very much unaware of what causes ezcema and the solutions in maintaining a healthy skin for them. I was under the impression that it was a one solution fix all kind of thing. That steroid cream is fine. Did not know that like everything else, everyone is different. 

She had flare ups with cats, insect bites, any fruits that has latext at that time. Thankfully though, she outgrew all of them and had not had since...well until last year, I realised she had an elbow patch. 

I did not think much of it. So all I did was put some natural oil ointment. During this time we were moving apartments. It was in a high humidity area and her room suffered the most.

We realised all her wooden toys or furniture would grow mold or moss. We had to completely change her furnitures. Then I realised there were patches behind her knees, then it was her other elbow, between her thighs, her face and neck, her front and back.

She could not sleep at night which of course affected all of us. By this time, I knew of the issues with steroid cream so I was adamant to try other methods first. My daughter who loves wearing dresses, was starting to wear pants with her dresses. It of course, does not matter to me if it makes her feel comfortable, but I also was a bit concern if it was affecting her self confidence.

I was so overwhelmed whether it was food, or because she is hyperactive and she sweats, is it because of the humidity? Is it all?

And then I also felt some sort of guilt to feeling overwhelmed and stress when it's not me that is having the flare ups and to have to deal with such conditions. It was my daughter.

...to be continued in Part 2!