Ezcema in Children: What Products Worked For My Daughter

Ezcema in Children: What Products Worked For My Daughter

Throughout the months trying out products for my daughter, here are the some items that we have tried. Just a note, not that any of these product are bad or nything, it just did not work for her.

  1. Herbiest MugWort Gentle Mint Soothing Balm

Their claim: Moisturising and soothing. Gentle mint free formula makes it safe for baby’s eczema and pregnant women. Steroid free, essential oil free, and fragrance free, so gentle yet effective for fragile eczema

I bought this on a whim through Grab Mart. I was panicking because I was just could not figure out what to calm her skin, so I got this. 

It did not unfortunately calm her skin, and this is after using up half of the tin as the weeks progresses. 

Now that her eczema has cleared, we keep this in her bag and her bedside instead. It is small and convenient. So when she feels like she is having that itch when we are not at home, I will use this on her. 

Plus, I at least did not waste any of the product.

2. Suu Balm Kids Dual Rapid Itch Relieving & Restoring Ceramide Moisturise

Their claim: Ideal for gentle yet fast relief of itch on sensitive and dry skin, restoring the skin barrier and moisturising the skin. This light, non-sticky and paraben-free cream is suitable for kids of all ages

This was fine if her eczema skin is not that bad. This has menthol in it. So it can actually be quite painful for her if her skin shows some peeling, scratches or blood patches. If you do want to use this, be sure, to check on their eczema flare ups first to ensure there isn’t any broken skin before using it.

We bought a travel size first to test out and glad we did so.

3. Suu Balm Dual Cooling & Moisturising Cream Body Wash

Their claim: Ideal for gentle cleansing on sensitive and dry skin, leaving your skin feeling soothed, moisturised and refreshed. This soap, sulfate, fragrance, paraben and preservative free cream body wash is suitable for all skin types.

We already used up 3 bottles of this. It has been great for her skin. Of course the user experience is not there as much as normal soap. For example, the foam, the smell. All that you will not find it here. But who cares, when you want your little ones skin to be healthy as possible.

This is in her current routine                                                  

4. QV Cream

Their claim: Formulated with a blend of moisturising ingredients and is designed to prevent skin dryness. This rich formulation contains squalane which is a derivative of squalene, a major component of skin's natural oils

We actually used all QV brand from shower to cream since she was a baby, because she did have a flare up 6 months and above. However her recent flare up, it clearly somehow stopped working. 

Still would recommend, it’s widely available and value for money


Arabic gum is produced from raw arabic gum resins. It does not contain any binder and filler. It’s known as a natural prebiotic for gut health, help in weight management, controlling blood sugar levels, help soothe sore throat and dry cough and many other benefits.

We have consumed a different probiotic and prebiotic previously. Of course with prebiotic and things like that, you can’t really see the benefits  in a short term. She was able to take it that’s great. However, it was just too costly for my wallet and not accessible. We had to get it from this certain clinic only.

One of our followers actually introduced arabic gum to us. So I decided to try specially reading more about the benefits, it was accessible and friendly to my wallet. 

I take a teaspoon and drop into her bottle of water. She drink it throughout the day without a problem.

You can take it too as an adult. It’s for everyone.

6. Celery juice

A lot of our followers recommended celery juicing and a lot of information from Medical Medium.

We did try celery juicing. At first, I actually incorporated a little bit of green apples into it. But she was not able to take the cup. Her exact response was it tastes like cabbage. (Laughs)

We did try a few times but I think maybe she’s not used to it and probably revisit the idea when she is a bit older.

I have been reading a lot from Medical Medium, I definitely recommend to look it up.

Hope this give an idea for you on what you can try for yourself or you little ones who are struggling. Wish you lots of love and perseverance!