Women Of Will

Over the past three years, we realised that we have not had a single mother organization as our beneficiary. 
Awhile back, we watched the movie Lion in the cinema. It was such a great film, if you have not seen it, please make it your top priority. Anyway, we took our parents to the cinema to go see it again. This time, we were already bawling from the start. 
It has been a long time for a film to have had such an impact on us. There was this particular scene in the movie, when the kids came back with bits of milk to share between the family. The mom refused to drink the milk, so that the kids would have more to drink. She then went off to work soon after. It got us thinking, aside from hunger, what else do these women specifically single mothers go through to provide for their family? 
Upon research, we found Women of Will. Women of Will empowers women to initiate and sustain their own small businesses, rather than providing handouts. These women are single mothers, widows, abandoned or abused women and women with incapacitated husbands living in poverty. 
The women are given financial assistance of RM2000 to help them initiate small business ventures and attain an independent livelihood income. The amount is repaid on a weekly basis, interest-free.
To help equip the women with the necessary skills to run their businesses, they are trained in an Entrepreneurial Development Program and taught the basics skills of managing a business, including financial management, marketing, and communications. Additionally, each woman is assigned a business coach and mentor for 6 -12 months to guide them and ensure that they have the support needed to develop a sustainable business, as well as help them lead balanced and wholesome lives.
The funds repaid by the women form the revolving fund which is then used to fund and help other disadvantaged women and their communities. This model is an adaptation of Professor Mohd Yunus’ Grameen Model. The funds repaid by the women form a revolving fund which is then used to fund and help other disadvantaged women and their communities.
After meeting Women of Will awhile back, both sides agreed to utilise the 10% to provide training workshops for these single mothers.
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Originally published on 3/3/2017