My first year as a mother

My first year as a mother

The year I got married happens to be the same year I got pregnant. A libra just like I am, and just like her grandmother, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Hannah.

My pregnancy was not all sunshine and rainbows or how you read or watched in book and tvs, that perfect picture of how a soon-to-be mother should look or feel like. In fact, I did not enjoy my pregnancy at all. It was difficult, lonely and depressing  (too emotional of a story to tell here), but having her now gave me a new reason to work hard, live and be better. I am super grateful to have her in my life, and of course my mom and other mommies that gave me countless support in helping me adapt to my new role.

Just 2 weeks ago, I decided to throw a lil BakedKL tea party photoshoot and brought with me two pairs of our customers as well. It went so well and we had so much fun! We talked about so many things and I am so happy we got to share and trade secrets and tips on motherhood.

Besides having the tea party photoshoot for BakedKL, it was also being able to create a memory with Hannah. Because I didn't stop BakedKL whilst pregnant or post, she really followed me everywhere. To meetings, errands, you named it, she was a trooper! 

To all mothers, no matter what your circumstances are, pre/postpartum, busy, single-mom ... you are one in a million ! Love yourself today and onwards, Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day may be celebrating mothers everywhere, but it really feels like I am celebrating her instead for pushing me everyday to become the best mom I can be.

 mother's day tea party

Oh and if you would like to see the photos, go ahead and click here . They are adorable, believe me!

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Originally published on May 11, 2019