Vegan Oreo Cake

Vegan Oreo Cake


As a baker, I find it fasnicating to transform non-vegan recipes into vegan ones. Of Course, it's not always possible to create an exact subtitute. Plus, we have to consider the raw ingredients' reliability and cost, as well as the weather can pose challenges in certain components, especially in Malaysia.

However, it's interesting to experiment and discover how to manipulate ingredients to create something completely new, without dairy or eggs. Even though Oreos are naturally vegan, finding a Vegan Oreo cake in KL is not difficult. However, it's impossible to make it gluten-free since Oreo biscuits contain wheat.


Thus, I decided to make it from scratch and find the closest taste to Oreos. The secret ingredient? Black cocoa powder, which I used in both the cakel ayers and homemade Oreo crumbs. For the cream, I made a vailla one and to add a twist and balance the black cocoa powder's taste, I baked meringue from aquafaba.

Though sweet and sticky, especially in Malaysia's humidity, the meringue adds a different texture and flavour to the cake. The best part is that we can make it gluten-free too, as everythng is made from scratch!

At BakedKL, we constantly seek new techniques to bring you both sinful vegan and healthier baked goods. We hope you will enjoy our creation.

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