Ezcema in Children Part 2: Food Allergy Test

Ezcema in Children Part 2: Food Allergy Test

If you have not read Part 1 to this story, go back and read it here.

Following my stress and being overwhelmed not knowing what causes her ezcema flare up and how to tackle it, I booked an appointment to this alternative medicine clinic.

Being in the mindset I was at, not knowing what to do, I just ate up what the doctor told me to do. Put her in a sugar-free, vegan and gluten-free diet, take prebiotics and probiotics.

Vegan diet is fine with us, but sugar-free and gluten-free is difficiult. I knew I couldn't change it 180 for her so I slowly adapted into her routine.

However after a month, I was not seeing any improvements, the flare-up just got worse and she was given more alternative medicine without me understanding what actually triggered it.

I guess a part of the process I was to blame because I did not ask the right questions. I told how it happen and whatever the doctor told me to do, I just took it without knowing what ezcema in children was really about, the types and what causes the ezcema in children.

It was also a costly treatment to go through with expensive medicines for me. In the end I decided to do a food allergy test for her so at least I don't have the fear looming over me regarding if food could be her trigger. The food allergy test was for 99 allergens from Korea for roughly RM450 I believe. We got the food allergy test from Klinik Aman in Ampang.

The experience watching her go through the food allergy test is excrutiating as a mother. She was shaking, crying so much until she started to sweat as they took her blood. If I did not have to be strong for her, I would have sobbed along side her. Would I do something similar again? Maybe if it was life and death situation or maybe we both just need to recover from it first. 

When the food allergy test result came out, I did not know how to feel. It was all negative. The only slight positive, and I mean really little is to dustmites. There was a sense of relief that I did not have to worry about food or increase expenses to get a specific type of food for her, however, what could it be then?

...will be continued in Part 3