What is BakedKL Sidewalk?

What is BakedKL Sidewalk?

When my sister and I started BakedKL, we always dreamed of having our own little nook for our treats. In 2013, we went around looking for suppliers, checking grants and loans, and doing all the necessary forecasting.

But it never leaped off the paper because, at that time, what we were serving wasn't in high deman yet and to be honest, the amount of money needed was just too high.

Are we not risk-takers? I guess you could say that. Food and beverage establishments are considered easy entry, but you see them closing just as fast as they open. To stay afloat, you really need to have a very good sinking fund to keep things running while the business is trying to get its workd out.

Do I regret not opening back then? No. I think it wasn't the right time. Now, in 2024, with different goals in my personal and work life, I still don't want to open up a cafe. But I still want my customers and newcomers to have a taste of our treats. So the idea of a sidewalk tent popped into my head.

Low risk, flexible timing, and the ability to exit anytime. The cons, though, are the weather and the obvious lack of electricity.

But I love the idea of bringing out my usual treats and having the time to experiment. Baking as I go, just like before I started BakedKL. I was always baking for people, trying things out. Sometimes when your hobby becomes a business, it takes that joy away because all of a sudden, you need to keep things in order. More restrictive.

So if you come visit us on weekends, you will get some bread, some usual stuff, and some experimental treats. We also have kombucha, which is so good and refreshing - you will love it!

I don't know how long am I going to do this, but it is fun for now!

7am-11.30am every Saturday and Sunday unless we close for outside event/personal matters. Everything will be notified through our socials.

Check out here for more deets !

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