BakedKL Sidewalk

A new venture of ours to dip our toes into slightly out of our comfort zone. A morning tent set up in the wee hours of 7.30am - 12.45pm to serve you single servings of some of our usual vegan and gluten free treats and new treats we come up with from our kitchen.

Of course, because of the weather, some of your favourites may not be there but we hope you will find some items you will love!

We also partnered up with local coffee and kombucha vendors to quench your thirst and accompany those sweet or savoury treats.

Feel free to chat with us during your visit and if you are an expermintal baker like us and would like to do a pop up together, reach out to us at [email protected] 

Find our yellow tent here:

Saturday & Sunday


Check out our Instagram page for any closing dates