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My 2-Day Challenge

Hi everyone, if you did not know already, inspired by Live Below the Line, we introduced a 2 day or 5 day challenge in support of Women of Will.

Taking the average WOW single mother's income, the challenge is to be able to only spend Rm15 a day.

I decided to have a go at the challenge during the weekend and document it through Instagram Story. Because we work from home, our outside errands are limited. Luckily, I had some things to do last weekend.

On Saturday, we had a meeting with potential partners at Feeka (their pick). I have not been there in awhile, but remembered I had to pay a hefty amount for parking. Just to avoid that, I had my brother in law to drop us off.

I knew roughly how cafe prices are like. Beforehand, I planned on just having a drink, but I was starving already at that time. So the cheapest was a plate of "popiah". Even after the meeting, I was still hungry.

I pop into one of the bakeries nearby and thankfully, there was a lot of bread samples. I had a couple just to keep my tummy slightly fuller.

I was done for the day and had RM3 to spare.

creating awareness for women of will
challenge for women of will

living under RM15 a day

for the single mothers

On Sunday, I had to come out to Ulu Langat, in support of a friend who was running a 50km race. I am sure you know that it is extremely hot outside. As we walked by the roadside back to our car, we popped inside a runcit stall for drinks. Luckily, it was paid for by a friend.

Driving back to the city, we had a quick lunch. I purposely just had rice and vegetables because I knew that would be at a lower cost. We had our meals billed together but I believe my lunch was roughly RM6.

That night, I went out for dinner with a friend, a dinner planned awhile back. After explaining what I was doing, my friend did not mind paying for my meal (which has nothing below Rm20). Insisting that it was fine and I can just pay him back later.

Because we carpooled, it was just polite for me to take care of the parking fee, which was Rm5. So the total spent for Sunday was RM11+.

lunch rice dish
parking fee

Now, I have to be honest here, I am privileged in a sense I still have half tank petrol in my car, family members that can help me drive around and friends that are helpful. But the single mothers don't have this luxury. I don't even have kids to support and be responsible for. So it is definitely not apples to apples.

Even with my basic needs met, I still had to plan my day in advance, figuring out how to not spend more than RM15. These single mothers don't have the option to plan out in advance easily on their spending.

What is important about this challenge is to:

1. Give you an appreciation on things and people you have in your life

2. Give you a small glimpse into what they go through with financial constraints

3. Give you a sense of what life can be with limited choices

It would be really interesting to see how this challenge will affect other individuals with different everyday schedules or lifestyle.

I hope that everyone gives this challenge a try in support of Women of Will. Don't forget to tag us and hashtag #ADayInHerLife !

I tag @OhHappyGift @Whimsigirldsgn @therebelliouschickpea @reka.lah @bigcookietheory !

Challenge details here !

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