• bakedkl

My 2-Day Challenge

Hi everyone, if you did not know already, inspired by Live Below the Line, we introduced a 2 day or 5 day challenge in support of Women of Will.

Taking the average WOW single mother's income, the challenge is to be able to only spend Rm15 a day.

I decided to have a go at the challenge during the weekend and document it through Instagram Story. Because we work from home, our outside errands are limited. Luckily, I had some things to do last weekend.

On Saturday, we had a meeting with potential partners at Feeka (their pick). I have not been there in awhile, but remembered I had to pay a hefty amount for parking. Just to avoid that, I had my brother in law to drop us off.

I knew roughly how cafe prices are like. Beforehand, I planned on just having a drink, but I was starving already at that time. So the cheapest was a plate of "popiah". Even after the meeting, I was still hungry.

I pop into one of the bakeries nearby and thankfully, there was a lot of bread samples. I had a couple just to keep my tummy slightly fuller.

I was done for the day and had RM3 to spare.