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Back to our roots

Hi there! We are happy that you have stuck around with us. We know it took awhile, we really wanted to take time some time to introduce new items, talk to charities and simplify our site.

To you lovely lot that just found our site, BakedKL started at the end of 2011 from our humble home. It is the year 2017 now!! Can you believe it?! Over the years, BakedKL has grown a lot and sadly, we lost ourselves in the way.

We were inspired to start BakedKL because of our mom's triple choc cookies and our bond of baking together with her since we were young. During Eid, special occasions and even while we were away for studies, she would ship her baked goods to us so we would feel just like home.

We felt that our previous site did not represent our story and we wanted to fix that.

Besides that, if you do not already know, since 2013, 10% from our sales goes to a different cause bimonthly. Starting this year, we decided to focus on one cause each year. By doing this, our beneficiary will receive more and our customers can also learn more about them.

We have planned out some cool stuff this year, so we hope to have your continuing support. We are truly grateful to all our customers, partners, family and friends for always pushing us to be better and for always reminding us that everyone's growth and success is different.

Thank you so much! (better stop now, because getting a wee bit emotional)

" If you have to choose between being kind or being right,

always choose being kind, and you will always be right "

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