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BakedKL Updates

Hey there,

I wanted to let you guys know some updates that will be happening down the line. It has been a great 7 years so far and I want to see BakedKL grow. Not only because it is my only bread and butter, but to also serve YOU better. Honestly, when I receive your feedback or our casual conversations on Whatsapp or email, it really does bring a smile to our team's faces after a long tiring day.

Sometimes, I am stretched too thin, I am unable to do this alone. This year, I am getting help from coaches and mentors that will be helping BakedKL to flourish. (lets hope it does help!)

We are slowly trying to set our fundamental basics right. Here are some changes you will be seeing in the near future:

1. Better packaging - All brownies and cakes will come with a board for easy serving and cakes will come in a sturdier, thicker cake box with handle.

2. A few products will incur a price increase (starting March) - Don't worry, only a few products will incur a price increase in order to keep the same quality, portion and ingredients used like organic sugar.

3. Limited edition bakes - we will be introducing monthly special bakes to pre-order. Look out for more gluten free and vegan bakes. We already have our first limited edition bake up on site : GF Matcha Almond Cake.

4. Shipping services throughout Malaysia on our cookie range

5. Cake toppers made available to purchase

We hope you will stick around for more exciting products coming out as well as content on our social sites. We want to thank to all of you, old or new customers, that have been supporting us for 7 years!

We really could not have done this without you and appreciate you embarking another new year with us.

Much love, Iza

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