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Where To Shop For Preloved or Vintage Clothing

This will be my fourth year of not buying anything new. I have always bought preloved, vintage, and seek thrift stores since my college days, so my wardrobe back then was already half thrift-ed.

Then comes my uni days, where I was majoring in international fashion marketing. We learned a lot about logistics and labor and it opened my eyes to the whole dark side of fashion. I did not stop buying NEW though until I was pregnant.

The only time I had something NEW within these 4 years was if it was gifted by friends and family. I try to prioritize the clothes that I have, and if I do find the itch to buy something new, I will buy from bundles, preloved or vintage stores.

What do I do with my old clothes? Other than finding them new homes to my relatives and friends, I recycle them with Kloth Cares. They have bins all over Klang Valley and all you need to do is just pop in their bin.

"Malaysians produce up to 2,000 tonnes of textile wastes and other wearable products daily. That old t-shirt or pair of jeans that you plan to throw away makes up of 5%* of solid waste that ends up in our landfills, if not recycled.

As textile waste decomposes it releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that is a significant contributor to global warming. Dyes and chemicals present in fabric and other components of clothing and shoes can leach into the soil, contaminating our rivers, waterways, and possibly water used for our personal consumption. Kloth Cares aims to address the challenges with fabric/textile waste by launching Kloth Cares 188 Fabric Recycling Campaign. "

Now that you know what to do with your old clothes, here is where I get my clothes if I do feel an itch to buy something new (but not new).

1. Heritasia Crafts

This store is a mother-daughter duo. They sourced and restore vintage dresses, tops, and bottoms. They have the best-curated vintage dresses I have seen so far. I have also met them both in person and they are super helpful. Their price range is RM50 and above

vintage dresses
Image: Heritasia Crafts

2. The Modder Citizen

I bought my daughter's clothes here, they don't often update the page but once they do, it is always an abundance of colours and patterns. Plus, Nurun also upcycles fabrics into amazing practical bags, bowl, and pot covers.

3. Family Bundle

This is where I get most of my stuff, only because it is less than 10 minutes away from my place and it's huge. They do have several locations so do look it up if they are nearby your place. This is the type of shop, where you need to spend time going through each of the clothing. It can be overwhelming. But to me, that's the thrill of thrift shopping! The items are as low as RM5.

4. Carousell

I have sold my old clothes here and I have also bought pre-loved clothes on this app as well. You can find a ton of pre-loved items here other than clothes. The only gripe about it is that you will most people are not serious buyers, non-stop negotiating and slow replies. But no harm in browsing though.

5. Pre-loved markets

My favorite is Tukar Tangan Market at Jaya One. Nothing is above RM50 and you will fund an abundance of items other than clothing. I can always find everything I need for my whole lil family. If you are searching for both quality, modern, and value-priced clothing, I would suggest finding it here. Though keep in mind, the vendors are different each time

vintage dresses at preloved market in jaya one
Image: Makers & Co Market

Hope you have found this helpful. Save these on your list and pray for the numbers of cases to go down asap!

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